How to play Tatsugotchi

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Tatsugotchi is a free Discord pet game where you collect, customize and play with over 110 different pets.


Getting your first free pet

Step 1 - Opening your mailbox

To get started, open your mail_icon.gif mailbox by typing t!mail in any server with Tatsu. (If you got to this article by opening your mail and claiming the capsule, you can skip this step.)


Select view unread mail by typing 1.

Step 2 - Retrieving the pet starter kit

Select the mail named [GUIDE] Pet Starter Kit then claim all the items inside.

You will receive an item that looks like this: capsule_grey.gif

The t!mail mailbox command is how we notify you of the latest updates, events and send you free items! Click here to learn more.


Step 3 - Opening your starter capsule


Open the Starter Selector Capsule that you received by typing t!open

The t!open command allows you to open all types of lootboxes and capsules that you own. Click here to learn more.


Step 4 - Selecting your starter pet


Choose from one of 9 common pets by typing their corresponding number.


Type confirm to receive your new Tatsugotchi pet!



Step 4.5 - Using regular pet capsules

Already used your Starter Selector Capsule? You can purchase additional pet capsules with t!shop capsule. You can open the capsule using the same steps as above, t!open capsule, and you will receive a random wrapped pet. Wrapped pets can be unwrapped using t!tg unwrap.


Step 5 - Bringing your pet home from the nursery

In order to start using your pet, you'll need to bring it home from the nursery.

Type t!tg edit to open up your Tatsugotchi customization menu.

The t!tg edit command lets your customize your pet cosmetics and swap our your active pet. Click here to learn more.


Type 1 to select the Active Pet menu.


Type 1 to select the Retrieve Active Tatsugotchi menu.


Select the new pet you just got from the Special Selector Capsule.


Your pet is now back home!

Step 6 - Naming your pet (Optional)


Type t!tg nickname NAME to give your pet a nickname! (10 characters max)



Taking care of your pet

Pets that are not taken care of will run away after 2-3 days of neglect. Your pet will show different emotions and act differently based on how often you take care of it.

Step 1 - Viewing your pet status


The pet card shows your pet's current status; You can see if it needs food, affection, cleanliness or rest.

Type t!tg or t!tatsugotchi to bring up your active pet's current status.

Status Information

XPpet.gif Experience Bar - Your pet's level increases as you train your pet (more on this later)

752439481885524058.png Fullness Bar - Decreases over time if you do not feed your pet

752439451241807884.png Affection Bar - Decreases over time if you do not play with your pet

752439607559454801.png Dirtiness Bar - Increase over time if you do not clean your pet

752439576110432278.png Fatigue Bar - Increases after walking your pet multiple consecutive times

Step 2 - Pet Care Commands

To take care of your pets, type the commands below at least once:

t!tg clean - Cleans your pet and removes dirtiness

t!tg feed - Feeds your pet and increases fullness back to maximum (It costs 20 credits.gif credits for every 2 fullness.)

t!tg play - Play with your pet

It's best to fully feed, clean and play with your pet each time you check up on it to reduce the number of times you need to take care of it.



Earn more credits and items

Now that you've learnt the basics of taking care of your Tatsugotchi, it's time to earn credits.gif credits and tokens_icon.gif tokens with your pet.


Earn items from walking

t!tg walk - Walking your pet raises it's fatigue level

Each time you walk your pet, you have a chance of finding credits, tokens, pet cosmetics or furniture items.

Every walk increases a pet's fatigue and costs 5 pet fullness. When your pets reach maximum fatigue, you will need to wait for your pet to rest (around 2 hours) before you can walk it again.

Credits and tokens are currencies used to purchase pet items and house furniture. Check out this guide for more methods of earning currency: Guide not done yet

Training your pet

Level up your pet

Each time you train your pet, it earns XP. The higher a pet's level, the longer it takes for the pet to run away if you neglect it.

t!tg train - Each time you train your pet, it earns XP

Next up: Customizing your house

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