Changing your level-up card background

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Big Level! Change your level-up card background to amaze everyone with your new level.

What is a level-up card?

Level-up cards are displayed in Discord chat when your global chat level goes up.



Equipping a purchased level-up background

Follow these steps to equip your new level-up card background!


Uploading a level-up background

Only supporter subscribers can upload level-up card backgrounds. Click here for a list of Supporter perks.

Follow the below steps to upload a new level-up card background image!



  • You can use credits or tokens to purchase level-up backgrounds from the Tatsu store.

  • At this time, uploading card backgrounds is a perk available only to Supporters.

  • Your uploaded background will remain, however you will not be able to change it until you re-subscribe. Animated backgrounds will also remain static.

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