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Welcome to your House!

Housing complements the Tatsugotchi system. You can view, modify, or even move houses. This includes placing furniture, changing the wallpaper and flooring and selecting which pet to display in your house. Each room can be individually customized, and your pet can move between the rooms.


Getting Started

Your first house

All players begin with the Basic house, which you can visit with t!house. There are 6 houses you can purchase, each has a unique slot layout and design. A house can only home 1 pet, regardless of the number of rooms. To begin decorating your house, you will need furniture and furnishing.


Claiming the house starter kit

Open your mailbox by typing t!mail in any server with Tatsu, select view unread mail by typing 1.

You can then select the mail named [GUIDE] House Starter Kit and claim all the items inside. You can also use t!mail claim to automatically claim any items you have received in mail.


You can purchase a variety of furniture and furnishings in t!shop.


Adding furniture to your house

To get started, type t!house edit. This menu gives you 3 options: Moving to a new house, placing furniture, or changing the furnishing (wallpaper or flooring) of a room.

Select Customize Furniture by typing 2.


You can then select the room you want to add furniture to, if you have purchased a larger house, you may have up to 4 rooms to choose from.


Every house and every room has a unique layout, with predetermined slots for 1x1 furniture, 1x2 furniture and wall furniture. Reply with the number of the slot you want to customize.


After selecting a slot, you will see a list of available furniture for that slot. Furniture that is already in use will be crossed out. After selecting an item, you can rotate it within that slot.


Repeat this process for each slot you want to customize.


Changing your house’s furnishing

Type t!house edit, then select Customize Furnishing by typing 3.

After selecting a room, type 2 to modify the Wallpaper and then use numbers to select the wallpaper you want to equip.


Houses have unique designs which include windows, panels, or carpets, and cannot be modified or removed.



Further Customization

Now that you have mastered the process of decorating your house, you can explore t!shop to purchase a bigger house and find more furniture and furnishings to build your dream home.

Note: Houses are not tradable or refundable. You can trade most furniture and furnishings with other players.


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