How to earn credits and tokens

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Daily Rewards

Basic Earnings

  • You earn 200 credits.gif credits every time you do the t!daily command.
  • Giving your daily to someone else using t!daily @someone gets them an extra 50-200 credits.gif credits.
  • Dailies can only be claimed once a day.

Reward Streaks


How it works:

  • Earn bonus tokens by claiming your daily consecutively for 5 days.
  • The daily reward streak will be broken if you miss a claim.

Receive bonuses to the amount of credits and tokens earned from each daily by voting or being a supporter subscriber.


Daily Quests


  • Type t!quests 1 to access your list of daily quests.
  • You earn between 150 and 350 credits.gif credits per daily quest completed.
  • Complete 4/5 of your daily quests to earn some bonus tokens.
  • Daily quests can only be completed once per day, and become available again at 0000UTC.
  • Daily quests are randomized every day.


Voting Rewards

Basic Earnings

  • You earn 200 credits.gif credits and 10 tokens everytime you vote.


How it works:

  • Type t!vote to check your vote summary.
  • Click on either of the vote links to vote for Tatsu.
  • Credit and token rewards are automatically added to your t!wallet
  • Supporters get a bonus to the vote rewards received.
  • You can vote a total of 4 times every day.

Recurring Vote Rewards

After you earn a recurring reward, you can claim items using t!mail claim all


How it works:

  • Accumulate enough votes to receive rewards.
  • After you have earned a reward, its progress is reset so you can complete it again.

Monthly Vote Rewards

Accumulate enough votes to receive an exclusive monthly item that will be rotated out for a different item the next month.


How it works:

  • Reach the required amount of votes to earn the exclusive monthly vote reward item.
  • Monthly vote reward changes at the end of every month.

Voting Streak Buffs


How it works:

  • Type t!vote buffs to check your current buff tier
  • Voting continuously every day gives you buffs that affect your overall earning power.
  • Missing one day of voting will reset your buff levels to 1, unless you are a Supporter.
  • You tier up every 2 votes that you make.


Walking Pets

Chatting in Servers

Purchasing Tokens

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